Mission Statement

Trividia Manufacturing Solutions is committed to providing the highest standards of quality, customer service and products to meet our customers’ unique objectives.


Trividia Manufacturing Solutions will provide a highly valued experience for our customers and employees by making all of our business partnerships pleasant, professional and profitable.


  • We define our success by our experience and integrity.
  • We are supportive and responsive to our customers’ needs.

  • We maintain a safe, socially responsible and sustainable workplace.

  • We deliver an integrated and comprehensive approach to manufacturing.

  • We foster an environment which inspires innovation and personal growth.

We are dedicated to our craft and sparked by a passion to do more, achieve more and be more for our customers.

Product Development Process

At Trividia Manufacturing Solutions, quality begins with the Product Development process. Prospective products are reviewed by the Product Development team, which focuses on three key areas:

  1. Comparing the requirements of the project with the company’s capabilities
  2. Clarifying customer specifications and expectations
  3. Designing the process flow to control quality and complete the project on a timely basis

The Product Development process culminates in the generation of Master Production Records, which accompany the product through the system. Other documents generated during production are added to this packet to capture a complete history of the product. In addition, all inventory transactions are recorded electronically in our validated enterprise resource planning system, which gives complete and quick lot traceability.

Operating Procedures

Written Standard Operating Procedures are maintained for all aspects of the quality system. Procedures are approved and controlled, with only the most current version available for use. Employee training is documented for all GMP tasks related to a given job function such as receipt, handling, inspection and storage of materials or components, batching, packaging, cleaning, testing, and release of finished goods to the customer. Procedures and training are also in place for ancillary processes such as stability studies, validations, controlled documentation, pest control, calibration of equipment, etc.

Internal Audits

To ensure continuous improvement and confidence in its quality system, Trividia Manufacturing Solutions has a well-established internal audit program. Lead auditors have received required training and are qualified to perform internal audits as scheduled by the Trividia Manufacturing Solutions audit manager. Audit teams are assembled and perform a minimum of four internal audits annually. Audit teams consist of a lead auditor as well as a team of trained auditors from departments throughout the company.

Sustainability Policy

At Trividia Manufacturing Solutions, we continually work to lower our environmental impact by reducing our energy consumption through better management, efficient machinery and utilities, ensuring that our operations comply with applicable environmental law and regulations.

We continuously work to lower our environmental impact by:

  • Using Lean Manufacturing concepts to reduce the amount of wasted raw materials
  • Diverting recyclable materials from the landfill to a channel where they can be recycled either through our own efforts or by urging suppliers to take back used materials that they can reprocess
  • Attempting to use locally-sourced renewable resources
  • Encouraging customers to use recyclable and recycled materials in packaging applications